Build Yourself to Build your Business.

As a Community Influencer I am here to help you sift through all of the social media confusion and give your brand the best chance to be loved. I want you and your business at the heart of the action, show you how to get to know your community better and delight them with your interactions.

It is my passion to encourage and mentor entrepreneurs to be authentic and make money doing what they love. As a Community Influencer I work with Small Businesses, Solo-Entrepreneurs, and Home Based Business Enthusiast to create influence for your brand.

I help you build your social media organization and create a social foundation for you and your business. I can assist you in choosing the best social media platforms for your business. Walk you through the basic steps and primary purpose of networking. Show you the value of video marketing. Teach you how to run a business on a smart phone with mobile marketing.

Let’s build you and your brand one social post at-a-time and together pledge social success for your business. Influence your brand with authenticity and heart.

Let’s get started!