Hey! I’m Monica
A Community Influencer, Entrepreneur & Business Advisor with a relentless passion to help others.

The harder I work, the “luckier” I seem to others.

As a woman business owner I didn’t like to promote myself, the very thought of it made me find other things that suddenly needed my attention so I didn’t have to focus on it. It would mean I would have to claim my spot on the earth, that’s scary. It would mean I would have to announce to the world that I exist and have something to offer. Well not anymore, my passion is promoting women and their business, talking about it makes me giddy!

My goal was to create a business doing what I love. The idea for Santa Cruz Socialites started back in 2011, this was the beginning of my journey. I have created a life I don’t need a vacation from. After all, if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.

Was it hard? You bet. I used to ask the same question over and over to successful people I met; “what is the secret to your success?! I continuously got the same answer; “It’s a journey, you just need to do it, do what you want to be good at, don’t quit no matter what”.  So, I did it and I didn’t quit. Along my journey I discovered I have an abundant amount of empathy and this is the energy that fuels my passion.

I find it so rewarding being able to help women find her voice and express herself authentically in her marketing. I don’t try to change them, I celebrate them!

I am a born and raised Santa Cruz local. A mother to three teenage daughters. When I’m not networking at an event you’ll find me on West Cliff riding my pink cruiser, coasting on a skateboard down to watch the sun set, at yoga or hitting the heavy bag. I have a relentless passion to help others.

What I can do for you
Community Influencer| Entrepreneur| Business Advisor

Certified in Working with Women
Strategic Intervention Coach by Robbins-Madanes Training

Founder of the Santa Cruz Socialites and the Sprouting Hope Project, Co-Founder of Omnia h2o

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